Hi there!

Occasionally we offer models the opportunity to have a test photoshoot with Paul. 

The purpose of the test shoot is to give Paul the opportunity to meet new models that he might be interested in working with on future projects. Once scheduled, a test shoot won't be re-arranged should a model cancel for whatever reason.

Please note;

  • Test shoots are free
  • Paul will select which images will be edited
  • All images will be water marked
  • All images will be low resolution (similar to what is posted on Facebook)
  • Models are required to sign a standard release form
  • Paul retains copyright on his images

If you would like to be tested by Paul please complete the form below.

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Why do you want to attend a casting?

It's very likely we are going to ask you to email us some recent photos of you and your current shape. It's important that you don't send professional photos or images that have been changed or edited. Good quality selfies would be amazing.

Here are some examples of what the images should look like so you've got time to prepare them